No to Trowell Open Cast


Nottinghamshire County Council has approved plans by UK Coal for an open cast mine between Trowell and Cossall despite considerable local opposition. The plans were then sent to Eric Pickles, the Secretary of State for Local Government and Communities and despite Anna Soubry’s plea for him to “call them in” Eric chose not to.

“The battle is not over” said Anna who met with the County Council in July “UK Coal is in serious financial difficulty and it is critical no work begins until we know the money is in place to put good the land that will be destroyed by these plans”.

Anna has joined with the County Council and local County Councillors Ken Rigby and Philip Owen is calling on the Highways Agency to reconsider their decision not to allow HGV access directly on to the M1. “Eight HGV movements an hour on already congested roads up to Nuthall roundabout and then on to the M1 is not acceptable” said Anna.

Anna has organised public meetings and a petition against the open cast mine.

“we continue to fight this application” she said “I urge people in Trowell to join the campaign and contact me to help us see off open cast in the area.”


Previous postings

9th July 2014 Broxtowe MP, Anna Soubry, has promised to keep on fighting against UK Coal's plans for an opencast coal mine at Shortwood between Trowell and Cossall. 

The Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Eric Pickles, has decided not to ‘call-in’ the application, despite Anna's request last year.

Labour controlled Nottinghamshire County Council voted in favour of UK Coal’s application to mine the site in December 2013, in spite of fierce opposition by local residents.

People were not only concerned about the noise, dust and pollution caused by mining, but the damage that this application would cause to a significant part of Broxtowe’s much-loved Green Belt.

Anna said: "The fight to see off open cast coal mining is not over. It seems Notts County Council still have the final say and I will be seeking an urgent meeting with them to make sure the application complies with environmental regulations.

We also need cast iron guarantees that UK Coal which is in severe financial difficulty will be able to make good the site after they have extracted the coal and fire clay.

Eric took a long time to come to his decision and in the end had to bow to a decision made at a local level. It was always going to be tough to see off the application but we will keep fighting it and I hope Notts County Council will support the local people who are so opposed to open cast mining."

14th February 2014: Anna Soubry has today written to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Eric Pickles MP, with a petition of over 1,200 signatures in opposition to an open cast mine at Shortwood Farm in the constituency.

Trowell Parish Council organised the petition at short notice following Nottinghamshire County Council’s decision in December to allow UK Coal to begin open cast mining at Shortwood Farm, a 325 acre site of Green Belt land between Trowell and Cossall.

Anna said, “This petition goes to show the considerable local opposition to the proposed open cast site. I have already met with the Secretary of State in January after having written to him last year requesting that he “call-in” the application, a decision he is due to make by the end of the month. I have asked that he take this petition into consideration when making his decision.”

6th January 2014: Anna Soubry has met the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Eric Pickles MP, and asked him to "call in" Nottinghamshire County Council's decision to allow UK Coal to begin Open Cast mining at Shortwood Farm, a 325 acre site of Green Belt land between Trowell and Cossall.  

After years of uncertainty for local people after a series of failed applications, the County Council's planning committee passed UK Coal's application by a slim margin on 10th December 2013.

 Anna said "This application should go to a public inquiry.I have always been opposed to this application, and have held a number of public meetings, both before and after my election as the local MP. It will take five years' of noise, dust and destruction of Green Belt land to produce only four months' of coal for Radcliffe on Soar power station. 

Furthermore, the applicant, UK Coal is in administration and I am extremely concerned that the bonds they must put up to guarantee the land is restored, are sufficient and can be honoured. 

As those who live in Trowell and Cossall know, the roads in this part of the constituency are already overly congested and the preparation of the site and then extraction of coal will make them intolerable. As such, I will also specifically raise this issue with the Secretary of State for Transport, Patrick McLoughlin when he visits the constituency in the New Year.

I have also been contacted by some members of SOCO (Shortwood Farm Open Cast Opposition) and have asked to meet them as a matter of urgency."

You can read both Anna's letter to Secretary of State and information on the application below: