My Plan

  • A job for everyone in Broxtowe

    The number of people claiming benefits has halved in Broxtowe since 2010 and there are more apprenticeships than ever. I want to build on our record high levels of employment so everyone has a job. I have backed great local enterprises like the Blue Monkey Brewery in Giltbrook and excellent small, independent shops and businesses in our towns so they can all now take advantage of our improving economy with fuller order books and more jobs.

  • Protecting our green belt

    I have been fighting the Labour/ Lib Dem Borough Council's plans to build on our precious green belt since long before my election to Parliament. It's been a pleasure to work with so many local groups and individuals, and we have had some successes along the way. I've held debates in Parliament and organised public meetings across Broxtowe. The fight continues, with the council intent on releasing more green belt sites over the coming months. Broxtowe needs a strong MP to carry on the campaign.

  • Making Broxtowe an even better place to live, work and play

    There's a real sense that Kimberley and Stapleford are on the up. There's much to do to put Beeston back on its feet to take advantage of the tram. I've been a huge support of improving our towns which need strong independent traders' associations, free of political meddling so local businesses can work with residents to make them even better. We also need good councillors with vision and imagination.  

  • Embracing diverse cultures

    We have an abundance of different cultures and backgrounds in Broxtowe and each of these are instrumental in helping to make a strong and diverse community. Whether it is through the Muslim Centre in Beeston, or the Hindu Temple in Beeston Rylands, I am proud to have supported various communities, accross the constituency, that all help make Broxtowe great.

  • Benefiting from the tram

    I have fearlessly supported residents and businesses in Beeston, Chilwell and Toton, badly affected by the tram works. I've won a hardship fund and extra compensation for traders. The works are late and have disrupted people's lives. I've called for an inquiry so we learn the lessons and until then I won't support any tram extension to Kimberley. Now we have to work together to rebuild Beeston.