Tram Works

Working hard to make the most of the chaos and disruption caused by the tram works and winning compensation for our shops and businesses.

August 2014

It’s late – it’s caused residents to live in a building site for over eighteen months, it causes traffic chaos on a regular basis  and shops and businesses are struggling to survive.

But it will all be worth it…… that’s what we are promised!


Anna Soubry and her constituency team (based in the middle of the tramworks in High Road!) spend a huge amount of time helping constituents living and working in what has become the “nightmare” of the Tramworks in Beeston, Chilwell and Toton.

Campaign success! Anna wins a fair deal for shops and traders

Anna has successfully led campaigns for an exceptional hardship fund for businesses struggling to survive on High and Chilwell Roads which have been closed to traffic now for well over a year.

Anna has also won compensation for all small businesses and shops affected by the tram works gathering a petition from over 3,000 shoppers in Beeston, in just a few weeks.

Lower, Fletcher and Albert Road

Anna continues to help residents who have lived with or rather struggle to survive the tramworks literally on their doorsteps - something they have endured now for over eighteen months. Anna takes up complaints and concerns on an almost daily basis with NET and the constructors, TWA.

Fencing fiasco

Anna continues to campaign on behalf of residents who want 3.4 metre screening from the tram track at the back of their gardens. The leader of Broxtowe Borough Council, Milan Radulovic, attended a meeting with residents which Anna organised and where he said they could have 3.4 metres of solid fencing and trellising. TWA have refused and Anna has demanded another meeting to settle the matter once and for all.

It's late!

The tram was due to open at the end of this year, but it is over running despite all the promises it was on time. Now we are told it will be open some time in the first part of 2015..... thus far NET and TWA have broken almost every deadline, whether its the opening of High/Chilwell Road, the completion dates on Fletcher/Lower Road and even the opening of Cator Lane.

A positive point of view!

Anna Soubry says "I dont have a problem with trams, in fact I believe they provide great public transport. However, they need to be on the right route and built with minimum disruption; if there is to be any new line to say Kimberley, it will not get my support unless we learn the lessons from Line 2 to Toton. The Government has invested billions on great new infrastructure; we know when they work best and that is when people - communities and businesses - can take full advantage of these exciting new projects.

My concern is that Broxtowe Borough Council has failed to plan for Beeston Town Centre so as to get the full benefit the tram promises. The redevelopment of the Town centre is woeful; years ago I met with Broxtowe brimming with ideas and offers of help as the MP to make sure Beeston was rejuvenated and properly developed. Sadly , they chose to reject my offers of help. Beeston needs new Councillors with vision and ideas - and new leadership at Broxtowe Borough Council. Your chance to make that difference will come in next years Borough Council elections and I hope people in Beeston use it!"



Anna meets with Leader of Nottingham City Council

16th May: Anna met with Cllr Collins to discuss Sunday working, road resurfacing and more, read the summary in the documents below.

21st February: Anna met with Cllr Jon Collins, Leader of Nottingham City Council and Nottinghamshire and Broxtowe representatives. Traffic management was top of the agenda, also discussed was: financial assistance for businesses, residential compensation and fencing! Scroll down to the attachments to read the letters Anna has written following the meeting.

Anna speaks out for Traders

12th April: Anna launches business petition to extend compensation to businesses throughout Beeston, Chilwell, Attenborough and Toton. Read Anna's subsequent letters to the Leader of Nottinghamshire County Council below.

20th December: Anna has again written to the Leader of Nottingham City Council following the announcement that phase 1 of the tramworks on Chilwell Road are now apparently due to finish in March or May 2014 - this follows from November's news that the completion date for works was delayed until end of January 2014.

Anna has written to Cllr Collins asking for clear timetables and communication so that traders and residents can plan accordingly. Anna has also invited the Leader to visit Chilwell / High Road to meet those affected by the delayed works. Please scroll down to read Anna’s letter in full.

 This is the latest step in Anna’s campaign to ensure Traders receive a fair deal. In September Anna was successful in requesting the County and City Councils to fund an exceptional hardship scheme for Traders in addition to the existing Financial Assistance Package with the first payments due to be made to businesses today. Please scroll down to read Anna's letters....

Anna shows Council Leaders life on the tram route

On Friday 25th October, City Council leader, Jon Collins, visited Lower and Fletcher Roads in Beeston to meet residents and learn how the tramworks are making their lives a misery. Broxtowe Borough Council leader Milan Radulovic also joined the visit. Anna said, “Residents have had to endure pile driving, rats, the loss of gardens, constant noise and dust alongside the closure of both roads. Both roads had under gone a huge pre-visit clean-up and both Jon and Milan promised to make unannounced visit to get the real picture! I am calling on the City and County Councils to compensate residents for the loss of amenity and reduction in their quality of life during the tramworks.”

Please scroll down to read the City Council’s action points following the visit.

The visit followed the meetings Anna requested with Cllr Jon Collins in August and September when Anna also held public meetings with residents. You can read Anna’s correspondence with Cllr Collins and NET on behalf of residents, including agendas for previous meetings by scrolling down; please also see “Response from Chris Deas 27.08.13”.


Works in your area:

This hugely disruptive project will take a number of years to complete. I have attached the latest information on the workings in Beeston, Chilwell and Toton below so please scroll down.

I know the works are affecting peoples lives and in particular adding to our already congested roads. NET have assured me that if they know where the problems are they will do everything they can to solve them.

So please contact NET if you have any questions or problems and/or contact me

Telephone: 0115 924 2454 (Monday to Friday 8.30am - 5pm with an emergency facility when the phone is on answer)

Call the constituency office on 0115 943 6507 or send me an email on


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